The Immutable God

by Robert Flores

My feelings waver up and down, hence my soul can be cast down. My circumstances waver. Everything around me is changing; it’s nice to know that I can put my trust in an unshakable God.

He is my rock. He is my foundation. UNSHAKABLE. IMMOVABLE. He is never growing in strength or age or knowledge. He IS the perfection of strength, the ageless one, knowing 100% everything all the time. UNCHANGING. SECURE. He is everywhere all the time, forever. He is God. He is perfection. He need not grow *; He is grown 100%. He fills all in all. His love is perfect. His love endures forever. TIMELESS. LOVING. That God is the One who told me to put my hope in Him.

In a world of ever-changing people, places, things, events, tastes, f ads, clothing, desires, feelings and experiences, I can put my feet firmly on the Rock of Faithfulness. He isn’t going anywhere, which means I can catch my breath and rest when I’m with Him. The foundation for the Great Pyramid at Giza hasn’t moved a 1/64 of an inch in all these millennia; how much more will God NOT move or change—especially when He called Himself the Rock of my Salvation?

Likewise, my salvation is unchangeable. That’s it. Hell can break loose all around you, but when you’re on the Rock, you’re unhindered. You’re unbothered by the tempest and the billows and the raging seas of chaos. God won’t let you down. He CAN’T let you down—it’s in His very nature to hold you up.

He’s a “Foundation”. He lives up to His Name (not like “Absalom” or “The People’s Republic of China” or “Microsoft”(all misnomers)). He is the Rock. He can’t be changed. He wants to be your Rock, because He knows what is best for you. He wants you to rest your weary feet on Him. He asks for you to cast ALL your burdens upon Him. He says whoever comes to Him, He will in no wise cast out. He says He will come in and drink with you. He says “ask”, “seek”, “knock” and He will give. He says He will give you living water so you will never thirst again. He says He will feed, clothe and shelter you.

But He wants your beaten-down, trodden-upon, worn-out soul so He can give you a better one. He is in the business of fixing up things, He is going to take this heaven and earth and make them new again, but He wants to start with you. Will you let Him? Set your feet upon the Rock. He won’t give way, even if He wanted to.

* Note: There is one area in which God does grow and that area is His relationships with His creatures and within the Godhead.