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Old Testament Art
The Old Testament artwork in this section was created by artist, Robert Flores, over the last decade. Based on a specific Bible story or verse, each of these pieces of art started out as an inspiring idea and soon transformed into a full-fledged art project. The different art in this section shows a wide range of media, including, but not limited to: watercolor, oil, ink, digital and pencil. Robert Flores feels blessed to have been able to produce such biblically-based artwork and is happy to offer them free for download.
New Testament Art
This section represents the collection of New Testament art by artist Robert Flores. Mr. Flores is equally inspired by both the Old and New Testaments as it is all God's redemptive story for mankind. Each of these art pieces started out as a sketch and eventually was refined to what is now the final rendition. Please take the time to look at each piece of artwork and ask God what He wants to teach you in it.
Art for Society
This Art for Society page is a collection of political cartoons drawn and written by Robert Flores. Driven by the need to produce quality political cartoons for the Christian community in not only America, but the whole world, Robert Flores sketched, penciled and inked and/or computer illustrated each of these cartoons. These drawings are based off of real-life issues that are going on in today’s world. Too often, Christians tend to ignore the evils that are going on in the world, without giving a thought to those caught up in the evil. These cartoons are meant to alert and educate Christians as to what freedoms are being stomped on, what lies are being pushed and what Christians can do to stop these evils. The topics on this page range from abortion to pornography, from labor unions to Israel, from the Ten Commandments to communism. Please feel free to use these comics as you see fit.
Animated Art
Bibleartbooks produced four Flash movies many years ago. These movies were based on a certain Bible passage and then original artwork was created for each project. Original sketches and drawings were then produced by Robert Flores, interweaving Scripture and Artwork into one. The resulting drawings were then scanned into the computer and placed into (then) Macromedia Flash. Timing and sequencing and editing were then done to the movie and completed. Four total movies were produced from January 2001 to February 2002. This unique approach to evangelism (i.e. slideshow movies) to project biblical truths is something that is fairly new to Christendom. With the advent of the Internet, many Christian flash movies have been created. It is the hope of Bibleartbooks that these four short movies will be used by pastors and teachers to teach their children about the truth of Jesus.