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Essays on Christianity
The essays offered is these sections started out as journal entries, post-it notes or a single thought given by God. The ideas were quickly written down and later revised and edited. The range of topics these essays on Christianity include: church history, Christian life, politics, absolutes, worldviews and sins of the world. It is the hope of Bibleartbooks that these essays will reach people with the truth of God’s word and will be able to edify fellow Christians. We encourage the use and distribution of these essays far and wide for the cause of Christ.
Essays on Christian Art
Christian art--the history and the application, thereof have been of interest to Mr. Flores since he became a Christian in 1994. The following essays cover a range of topics including: the art of the cross, how to use art for evangelistic purposes, showing sin in comics, compromising the wrong way in stories and more. Mr. Flores appreciates you taking the time to read through these essays and hopes that these writings will help you in your own Christian walk as an artist.
The following section is a collection of poems that Mr. Flores has written about his wife. In these poems he expresses his great love for her and for Christ. His heart is overflowing with thankfulfness for what He has done in his life. These poems cover the whole range of The Flores' relationship--from friends to dating to engagement to marriage. It is his hope that the love expressed in these poems will encourage, edify and challenge other Christian couples to love your spouse as Christ loves us. Please enjoy these poems and let them speak to your heart and challenge you to have a great love for Christ our Savior.
Personal Writings
The following writings are of a personal nature to Robert Flores. He wanted to write a few things that express his own Christian walk (especially his early days). Hopefully these writings are of benefit to the reader's own faith. Sometimes reading about other Christian's growth and struggles can help other Christians avoid similar pitfalls. It is also the hope of Mr. Flores that these writings will be read by non-Christians, even if out of curiosity of the Christian faith.
Bible Verses On
Bibleartbooks is pleased to offer this section to the Christian community. The following links on Bible Verses were first used by Robert Flores in his own personal walk with Christ. Realizing that these resources could help other Christians out there, he decided to put these Bible verses and information charts here for other Christians to benefit from. It is his desire that these info pages and reference charts are used far and wide for the glory of God.
Biblical Information On
The following section is an easy to use reference on a number of topics, including: miracles of Jesus, fulfilled prophecies of Jesus, names of Jesus and more! Thank you for taking the time to look at this section. It is the hope of Bibleartbooks that these charts will be edifying and uplifting to you as you study God's blessed Word.