The following are several booklets on a variety of topics.

Essays on Christian Art, Stories, Pop Culture and Movies

Christian art--the history and the application, have been of interest to Mr. Flores since he became a Christian. The following essays cover a range of topics including: the art of the cross, how to use art for evangelistic purposes, showing sin in comics, compromising the wrong way in stories and more. Mr. Flores appreciates you taking the time to read through these essays and hopes that these writings will help you in your own Christian walk as an artist.

Essays on Christianity, Jesus, God and Life

The essays below cover a wide range of topics that include: church history, Christian life, politics, absolutes, worldviews and sins of the world. It is the hope of BibleArtBooks that these essays will reach people with the truth of God’s word and will be able to edify fellow Christians. We encourage the use and distribution of these essays far and wide for the cause of Christ.

Essays on Creation, Science, Athiesm and Skepticism

Skeptics and Athiests have a lot of questions. Below are several essays that address these questions. God has provided all that we need in His Word. Though we don't understand His ways, His character is worthy of trust regardless if we have all the answers.