Disappearing Middle Class

by Robert Flores

The Middle Class that built America, is being bought and sold on the world market. This is being done under the theme of the “middle class needs to share its wealth with the rest of the world.” This scheme has been concocted by the world leaders. These leaders are the same ones that have already sold the rest of the world! These world leaders, that have taken from the rest of the world, that have made slaves of the rest of the world, and have gained riches off of them, are seeking to make riches off of America's working class. These leaders have already taken more from the world than they will ever give back to the world!

It is because of the covetousness of these Billionaire leaders that the rest of the world is impoverished— not the “wealth of the Middle Class”! They love their money, and yet, their conscience won’t be silenced due to all the impoverished people they have created. So, to calm their consciences they want to “help the poor of the world” to give them some “riches”. But, will they give of their own riches? Of course not! They will give the wealth of America's working class to help the poor of the world. And, in doing so, they will “do good” for the world. They can play the hero, while tightly gripping onto their ever-growing moneybags. They will “do good” for the world and blindly steal from America's working class to “help the poor”.

Now, as a Christian, I have no problems helping the poor of the world. According to Jesus, there will always be poor people in the world. It is the duty of every follower of Christ to help the poor people of the world. But, what I am against is the fact that the Billionaire Non-Christians are stealing from others (like me) to give to the poor. The Christian concept of “helping the poor” is used by the world leaders to enrich themselves. They act like a Robin Hood, stealing from the “rich”, to give to the poor. Except, in their version of the story, Robin Hood gets to keep all his wealth, while still enslaving the poor. They are willing to give out of the Middle Class’s abundance, without dipping into their own abundance (which they had stolen from the world beforehand).

In other words, they really don't believe what they are saying, or else they would truly sacrifice out of their own wallet to make it happen. These world leaders—who steal from the Middle Class— can be called, without a doubt, “hypocrites” in every sense of the word. What gives these world leaders a right to steal from one set of people they define as “rich” to give to another set of people they define as “poor”? If we’re going to use terms like “rich” and “poor”, let’s start at the top, with the world leaders’ own bank accounts.

Since when does “helping the poor” justify breaking God’s law, “Thou shalt not steal”? The problem isn't with the Middle Class, or even with the rich world leaders of the world. The problem is actually with the covetousness of ALL of mankind.

Communism seeks to dispense the wealth of everyone across the board, by stealing from those who worked hard for their wealth. And, Capitalism puts its trust into the people making money to do good, but, unfortunately, most people just hoard their wealth. Unlike these broken political systems, Jesus has a better “dispensing of wealth” program. He converts a man’s heart and tells him to give to the poor. If everyone was a Christian and followed Christ’s teachings, poverty would be greatly diminished in this world. Covetousness isn't just a rich people syndrome—it runs through all classes and races and nations. Covetousness is the philosophy that says, “Whatever I have I will keep and not give away. And, I will continue to gain more for myself, regardless of who I have to hurt in the process. ” Every person on this earth is covetousness. Only Jesus can break up that hardened ground in the human heart.

Do you want to know why there are no Christian world leaders? Well, because you have to have money to attain that kind of status, the answer is because all the true Christians that could be in positions of power were too busy giving away all their wealth to help others—not to buy a seat on the world's stage. It's only covetousness money-grubbers that attain positions of world leadership. And, it is only because of covetous people—all across the board—that the rest of the world suffers in poverty.

For the wicked boasteth of his heart’s desire, and blesseth the covetous, whom the LORD abhorreth.—Psalm 10:3