God Walks The Talk

by Robert Flores

Would you worship a god who declared himself as love and demanded you to love him and others and yet never showed any act of love himself? I think you would answer "No". That God wouldn't be worthy of my worship. He would just be a tyrant, and I think that's the view many people have today of God—a tyrant. But they haven't studied history. The God I serve is a God of love and has continually shown it throughout history. One need only to look at the nation of Israel's history and the numerous occasions He went out of His way to save them. But none of these acts can compare to the Ultimate Act of love God did for us. See, God isn't just a talker of love and justice and mercy; He is a doer of them. And his Ultimate Act of love was sending His only begotten Son to shed His blood for the sins of mankind.

Think about that for a moment. The God of the Old Testament, of Abraham, of Israel, this God who did indescribable miracles and declared Himself love and demanded the same of us, this God who humbled Himself to show that He is indeed love, and wasn't asking of us anything that He, Himself, wouldn't do—did it. He was beaten and battered and bloodied — not for a bunch of righteous people (righteous people don't need saviors), but for sinners! He had a crown of thorns crushed onto His head and was whipped, reducing his back to red ribbons of flesh—not because he didn't have the power to stop them, but because he freely laid down His life in obedience to the Father's will. He was crucified—a nail in each of His hands, and one in his feet, because He loved us so much He didn't want us to be separated from the Father for eternity. He paid the price. He "did the time" that we would have had to pay separated from God for our sins (eternity). The eternal Son who had never experienced a milli-second of separation from the Father paid the eternal price of separation - the one that we owed—on that cross. Don't tell me God isn't willing to do what He asks us humans to do, because He did it Himself. He is our example. The God of heaven and earth humbled Himself to die (and three days later rise again) for hopeless sinners like you and I. Don't tell me you can't humble yourself to accept a righteous God who accepts unrighteous people based on the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Without that blood we'd all still be slipsliding to hell. But we do have that blood. Hold onto the One who shed it for you and I—just like how Jacob held onto the Angel of the LORD after an all-night wrestling match.