I Want To Live My Life Uncompromised

by Robert Flores

The world has never given me anything except pain and grief. The world’s teachings on how to be happy is nothing but a lie from hell. The world wanted me to conform to its mold and I tried to back before I was saved. I tried to fit in with the crowd, but quite honestly I was an outsider from the outset. I would always be an outsider. And when I wanted to become part of the world-clique, my art suffered with it, because it was more about pleasing others in my artistic endeavors than doing the art that I wanted to do.

I was saved by grace in the summer of 1994, which made me an outsider even more, but at that point, I could’ve cared less. Christ had died for me and rose again for me and I was willing to suffer shame for His name. See, the world had rejected me, therefore I rejected the world. I would follow Jesus. They would follow Satan. They would get drunk, get high, have sex, etc. I would not. They could keep watching the lies of TV, radio and movies; I would not. The world wouldn’t affect me with that virus of hell-doomed plague. They couldn’t get to me anymore once I locked out all channels of communication into my life. I secluded myself with God and they could not get in.

God bless me all the more when I started using “my” art talent for His glory and not my own. Perspectives seem to change when you realize that the talent you have isn’t even due in part to you. “My” art talent was a gift from God. I wan to live my life uncompromised. The world tried to get me to use “my” art talent for it, but I would not. The world tried to sway my beliefs away from God, but I would not. They were no willing to change or to compromise; nor was I. The world has nothing to offer me except a pale degenerate existence. I use “my” talent for God now. I live for Him now.

God has never given me anything except peace and happiness.

November 2000