Slavery To Satan Or Servitude To God?

by Robert Flores

Satan used God’s own love against Him. God would use Satan’s evil against Him (the cross). Did Satan really think He could kill the Creator of life? He was blinded by his own deception if he thought that. Satan showed all his cards at Eden. God had a few cards up his sleeve. He would show His love through the death Satan escorted into this world. He would show His life through the grave. He would show holiness in the midst of evil. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” That’s not just a nice Bible verse; it’s God’s motto for the greatest story ever written. It’s what He was thinking after Adam and Eve took their first bites of the Forbidden Fruit. It’s what He was thinking on Calvary.

Evil has no life of its own. Evil steals and distorts all God’s good things. You know, God DOES have a “weakness”, if you want to call it that: Love. He cannot stop loving. And Satan has used God’s own love for his own evil purposes. However, don’t be mistaken; God has used Satan’s own evil against him. For it was through that hatred and blood and disgust that God beat Satan at His own game. Satan has many weaknesses: pride, deception, hatred, death. God has none of those things in Him. God would use Satan’s weaknesses and the introduction of those things for his undoing.

God loves regardless of circumstances. God’s love is infinitely more gratifying than the empty pleasure and deceptions Satan offers. Satan is blinded by his own plan to thwart God’s plan. He’s a slave to it; Satan isn’t free. He seeks to make others slaves like himself.

Satan is the epitome of wasted time. Everything he has worked so hard to accomplish is doomed to failure. What a pitiful, wasted existence. But what else would you expect when he willingly cut himself off from God? He has no purpose for his existence.

God has His love. He is self-sufficient in His love. What does Satan have? Satisfaction in trying to abolish God’s holy plan for this world? Oh, that must be so gratifying! Oh, that must be such a satisfied existence! He has nothing to build himself; only to destroy what God has built. He has nothing to create; only to derange. He has nothing good to contribute to God’s creation. He offers “freedom”, but his “freedom” is really “slavery to sin”. God, on the other hand, offers true freedom: freedom to love.

Therefore, what is my choice? To serve sin or to serve love? To serve Satan’s loser plan or to serve God’s victorious plan? Sin is a slave driver. Men beat their own backs with the whip called “sin”, so they can get to hell faster. But you know what? So does Satan.

Oh, he’s not exempt from his own slave-driving tendencies. He’s a slave to his sin, too. He would say that he is a “master” not a “slave”, but I’d beg to differ. Masters have people that serve them. In fact, it’s reasonable to assume that Satan has never recruited a single person to serve him. The best he can do is recruit them to serve themselves. No one would ever serve a diabolical loser like him, if the truth were told (and certainly not willingly). But to serve themselves—hordes of angels and men have signed up.

I would rather serve the true Master. The loving Master. The One who cares for me and loves me and who humbled Himself for me on that cross. He has proved His love for me by giving His all. I will serve the Master of this world. I will serve the Winner of this war. I will serve the Lord who is the rightful King of this Universe: My Lord, THE Lord Yeshua HaMashiach!