Philosophies VS. Universal Truth

by Robert Flores

Why does the philosophy of White Supremacy not appeal to black people? The answer is obvious: White Supremacy, or Arianism, is against black people. Why do Communists disagree with Capitalists? Because both economic systems are diabolically opposed to one another. One says worship the State and one says worship currency. The point is that none of these philosophies are universal. But Truth is universal regardless of philosophy.

What I find interesting is that people pick the philosophy, not that the philosophy picks them. But if the philosophy was true then it would pick them.

See, Truth is universal. That means that Truth is something that is an absolute. It is something that we, as individuals, should join or get on board with. We shouldn’t be joining a philosophy. That's why there are millions of philosophies in the world-- they are all contradicting each other and canceling each other out. They are all also trying to recruit. The followers of each of these philosophies are also evangelizing to get others to join them!

So how is one to know what is the Truth? If something is the Truth then it is not a philosophy. And if it is a philosophy then it's not the Truth--just that person's belief. That person's belief is not universal and is not absolute.

Philosophies are always trying to make themselves look like an absolute Truth but it fails over and over again. In fact, philosophies divide mankind up into little cliques--not uniting man. If all men jumped on board absolute Truth, then it would unite men together; not divide them up as these philosophies have done.

So, for a Truth to be universal, it has to affect everyone. Gravity, for example is a universal Truth. I've never met anyone who could deny the Law of Gravitation. Another one would be the speed of light. No one has ever been able to see light faster or slower than the constant 186,000 miles per second. Those are universal Truths.

The first universal Truth (that is usually rejected) is the Truth that God created all things. This one is told to me by the Bible and God.

Another example is that everyone is a sinner. I've never met a perfect human being. All men are sinners. Someone may ask me how do I know that everyone is a sinner. The answer is because God has told us that in His Bible. He sees all and knows all and He is ONLY candidate to tell us what a universal Truth is.

We are all on the same playing field--level ground-- when we realize we are sinners. That is not a philosophy; it is a universal Truth based on God's Word and based on my own personal experience. If only people would realize that universal Truth!

Another universal Truth is that when we turned to sin, we turned away from God. And He turned away from us.

Another universal Truth is that God has provided a Savior to save us from our sins.

All men are saved by Jesus Christ.

All men, to be saved by Jesus Christ, must repent and ask God to be their Lord and Savior.

The above universal Truths cannot be refuted. They are not philosophies; not religion. They are absolute and you either jump on board with these Truths (to your benefit) or, deny these Truths (to your hurt).