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Job and Jesus
by Robert Flores

Job, one of the richest men ever, lost everything he owned. He was brought down to nothing; humbled not by his own choice. Jesus, likewise, lost everything He had, physically and spiritually; He was humbled by His own choice. The mileage between what each of them had and what each of them lost, however, cannot even be compared. Job lost all he had including his physical health; Jesus lost so much more than that.

Job is a picture of Jesus, but Job is only a shadow of Jesus. The entire Book of Job is but a hint at what Jesus had to go through. It’s also a reminder to us, that no matter how bad of a day we ay have, it could never compare to Job’s bad day (losing everything, losing his children, losing his health and his business). It should also remind us of Jesus’ bad day (six different trials, spit upon, whipped, beaten, sleep deprivation, mocked, hated by his own people, suffocation, and finally crucified). Nothing in our lives could ever compare to His bad day. How dare we even complain to Jesus. Now I know why Jesus hates complaints; He’s already been through the worst of what we could ever possibly go through in this world.

Job hurts throughout this entire book. He has no idea what is going on (count the question marks through the book). He’s trying to understand why God would allow his troubles to happen to such a “righteous” man such as he. Well, Jesus asked the Father a more horrific question, “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?”

Our troubles pale in comparison to that poignant question.

October 8, 2001