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Intolerance To Sin
by Robert Flores

“You’re supposed to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs!”

“You should respect everyone’s opinions regardless of what you think!”

“You have no right to disregard others’ preferences or opinions!”

I hear the above statements often (even from Christians); and it’s sickening. I don’t tolerate lies or rebellion or sin! And neither does God. I CANNOT “respect” other people’s opinions that are based on lies and not the truth! I CANNOT “respect” the opinion of rapists, murders, child molesters or homosexuals or anyone else who seeks to undermine God’s authority. I CANNOT “respect” the person who would like to murder, rob, or hurt me! I have no tolerance for rebellious lifestyles, taboos and postmodern philosophies that seek to supplant God’s authority. Should the baby “respect” the mother’s right to kill him or her in the womb? Should the Jews have “respected” Hitler’s abominable murderous plans against them? Should the United States “respect” the wishes of overseas terrorists?

To be tolerant is to be neutral; that’s what you’re advocating. To be neutral is to have no spine. To be neutral is like being an agnostic—a chicken. Where’s the dignity in saying, “I’m in the middle!”? There’s no dignity in that. Why don’t you stand up for what you know is right in your heart, get off the fence and fight for what you believe in!

Stop the tolerance of evil. Start the love.

December 21, 1998