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Hollywood Versus The Body of Christ
by Robert Flores

Ever since “The Passion of the Christ” came out in February 2004, there have been some really great movies with a spiritual/overtly Christian message. For example, I was really blessed to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” this last December. It touched my heart, because the gospel was so clear. At the end of January 2004, another movie, “The End of the Spear”, expounded the forgiveness found in Christ. Movies like these are worthy endeavors that promote Christianity and, to a lesser extent, morals and values.

However, there have been other projects that have come to attack the Christian worldview, namely “Brokeback Mountain” (with its pro-sodomy point-of-view) and a TV show by the name of “The Book of Daniel”(with a Jesus that is not the Jesus of the Bible). But the attacks from Hollywood don’t stop there! At least two more movies are coming out this year that seek to blaspheme Christ. They are “The DaVinci Code and “The Omen”. One movie is based on lies and the other is about glorifying the devil.

The attack on Christianity, from Hollywood, is nothing new; it’s been going on for decades. But, it does seem to me that Hollywood is stepping up the attacks and are making more calculated blows to the beliefs we hold dear. So, what can we, as Christians do to stem the tide? Well, first, I think we need to pray for the salvation of these producers in Hollywood. We need to pray that people will discern the lies being force-fed to them from the silver screen. We need to pray that these blasphemous movies bomb at the box office. We need to not support these movies or the studios making them. For instance, I will never support a Tom Hanks and/or Ron Howard (“The DaVinci Code”) movie again! These people ridicule my beliefs and expect me to support their endeavors? Forget it! We need to get the word out that these movies are evil and need to be prepared to tell the world why they are evil. And, finally, we need to be preaching the gospel not only by our daily lives, but also in art that glorifies God. It is one thing to tear down these evil movies, but what are Christians putting in its place? If there is nothing else to see at the movie theatre, or buy at the book store or music store, can we really blame the world for all the evil entertainment they buy?-

Remember, Hollywood doesn’t sell movies; they sell philosophies. What kind of art are Christians creating to sell their “philosophy” that Jesus is Lord? God has given us a tremendous responsibility to create art that glorifies Him. Let us heed the call and do it.