God's Story in Three Acts

by Robert Flores

Act One

There is perfect harmony in the Garden of Eden. God and His bride are happily married. Satan steals His bride through deception, upsetting God’s perfect world and now God must get His bride back, restoring balance to His world. From Satan’s perspective, it is not even the bride that he wanted. The bride was only the object to hurt God with, and he must keep her away from Him as long as possible. What Satan wants is not the bride, but a chance to get even with God, which is leading up to a final duel between the two. Satan hates God and would do anything to hurt Him, hence the kidnapping of His bride. Satan is the hero of his own story: he seeks to free others from the tyranny of God. But, instead, he replaces that tyranny with tyranny of sin. There is no freedom apart from God, as the bride will soon learn.

Act Two

God desperately tries to win back His bride through: covenants, conscience, the Law, Prophets, Judges, Kings, miracles, judgments and sacrifices. And to his delight he does win back a small part of his bride, but the vast majority of Jew and Gentiles are being enticed by the pleasure of Satan and the freedom he offers. Satan is putting into the hearts of men every form and idea of evil, and it is fun. Pleasures to sin becomes the god of mankind. Men no longer care about the love God has to offer. God must come down in human flesh and teach these people, up close and personal. He can no longer watch from afar as His bride slowly kills herself. He shows her a better way: a way that sets many free. But the god of religion, another pawn of Satan, will not go that easily and the Jewish priests and the Gentile authorities kill their God. God’s heel is bruised. For three days the world is silent… then, on the morning of the third day, God rises from the dead! Satan’s head is crushed. God makes the way for His bride to come back.

Act Three

The chase is on. God is now gathering His bride from all over the world. There is now no more excuse to not turn to Him. We had lived in sin for so long and now we have a better way to live! Satan, likewise, is still making a last-ditch effort to keep as many away from God even now. Satan has lost and he knows he has lost, but is still bent on stealing as much joy from God as possible. Satan is in a full-body cast and yet people are still wanting him over God.


God will get all of His bride someday and what a great wedding that will be! He played by the rules. He won on Satan’s turf. He sacrificed His own life for His bride, because she was worth it to Him. She was blinded by what she thought was love, but when real love came, she recognized it right away. This love had nothing to do with sin, death or Satan. Satan now resides in a dark, lonely corner of the universe called the Lake of Fire, where he can have absolute freedom from God. The bride now fully loves God and He loves her. And they lived happily ever after. Amen.