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The books and publications offered by Bibleartbooks are a unique approach to evangelism and edification. The first printed book by Mr. Flores was "The Graphical Epistles of First John, James and Jude" in 2001. In 2006, he followed that with his autobiographical testimony on how he came to know Christ as his Savior. The "Graphical Epistles" are currently out of print but are represented as a download for your use. Mr. Flores' testimony, "Broken" is available for purchase through this website or through Each of these books started out as an idea that was then sketched out into thumbnails. The thumbnails were then refined using a light table and scanner to produce cleaner lines onto Bristol board. The artwork was then either left as pencils or then inked. The final art was then scanned into the computer and cleaned up. Word balloons were then placed on to the characters and final pagination was completed. These inspired stories are designed to bring people into a deeper relationship and understanding of who Jesus Christ truly is. These stories are developed by using characters with Christian worldviews. Following in the tradition of the great Christian art of the world, we, too, use artwork to reach today’s people in a format that they can understand: comics. These stories are engaging and are meant to be used by pastors, parents and missionaries.
Tracts & Booklets
This section represents the tracts and booklets that Robert Flores has been involved in. The "Homeless Harry" booklet is an evangelistic booklet geared towards homeless people. The "Vengeance is Mine" booklet is a Christian tract designed to be given to troubled teens and/or gang members. Both of these (in addition to others that Mr. Flores has not worked on) have all been published by Foursquare Missions Press in Anaheim, CA. Mr. Flores feels blessed to have been a part of this ministry and he continue to work on tracts for this ministry in his spare time.
The following publications have not been published on paper but are here represented as digital downloads for the reader's use. These are here free to be downloaded and used in small groups, churches, personal study or to be printed and given to a friend.
Short Stories
The short stories on this page were written and illustrated by Robert Flores. Each short story started as an idea and was quickly written down. Draft after draft refined each version and when the final version of the story was complete, spot illustrations were completed to help balance out the story in a nice downloadable format. It is the hope of Bibleartbooks that these short stories will provide encouragement to Christians who have been through similar situations. Bibleartbooks encourages the use of these short stories to help promote quality Christian writing and in encouraging Christian writers to produce stories with strong Christian characters as the protagonists.