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Porn's Jr. — How Carl's Jr. Sells Hamburgers With Sex
Pornography Sexual food cartoon
Digital art. Copyright 2005 Robert Flores.
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Boycott Carl's Jr. / Hardee's Pornography

• Carl's Jr. / Hardee's is a hamburger chain that is family oriented and they poignantly used sex to sell their food, such as in-restaurant posters displaying a burger and the phrase "Size Does Matter". In another advertising campain, a female hitchhiker lifts up her skirt for a disgustingly sexual tagline that I refuse to give glory to by repeating here.

• A few years ago, Carl's Jr. / Hardee's featured Hugh Hefner as a celebrity touting their fast food. How does a pornographic publisher get to be a spokesman for a family fast food chain? What kind of message is this sending to our kids?

• More recently, Carl's Jr. / Hardee's also aired an erotic ad featuring a mechanical bull and a scantily clad female eating a burger.

• Most recently, Carl's Jr. / Hardee's is featuring web-porno star Paris Hilton eating a burger, while washing a Bentley. The commercial is filled with erotic and sexual contortions made by a scantily-clad Paris. If I wanted to see women like this, I'd go to the red-light district. Should we, as Americans, be thinking of women as meat products that are designed to satisfy men's hunger? When we go to Carl's Jr. / Hardee's, should we be looking to get sexually aroused over a hamburger?

• Advertising like this isn't just bad, it's destructive to society as a whole. Will the FCC have to start putting warnings on commercials, stating that the "Commercial you are about to view is for mature audiences only?" In an age of rap music, Janet Jackson and rated R movies, are commercials no longer safe from the filth that pervades our culture?

• Take a stand and boycott this godless company. It is companies like Carl's Jr. / Hardee's that care nothing about Judeo-Christian values and will do anything to make a buck. Any company that exploits the sexuality of a woman to sell their product is so disgusting. Any woman who prostitutes her body for the sake of selling food is no different than the prostitute in the Red Light District.

• Since Carl's Jr. started the sexual advertising of food, Jack in the Box and Wienerschnitzel have both followed suit with subtle advertising as well. Though, to be fair, their advertising is more subtle that children usually don't catch onto it. But, nevertheless, any company or advertising company who compares food to sexual intercourse, is just perverted and it is an abomination in the sight of God.
About Pornography

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Victor Cline identified the progressive nature of pornography addiction. Once addicted, a person's need for pornography escalates both in frequency and in deviancy. The person then grows desensitized to the material, no longer getting a thrill from what was once exciting. Finally, this escalation and desensitization drives many addicts to act out their fantasies on others.

Doctors are using new technology to look inside addicts' brains to determine just how damaging pornography is. The research shows the similarity of porn addiction to cocaine addiction. Further, because images are stored in the brain and break than a heroin addiction.

Pornography is the catalyst for abusive sexual appetites that are never satisfied, never contained and never put to rest. It preys on the weak and vulnerable in an unrelenting hunt to capture your family and friends.

Pornography is NOT “harmless adult entertainment”, as some would like us to believe, but a real, measurable and undeniable threat to individuals, families and society.

The pornography industry, fueled by carnal lust and sexual fantasy, is the mastermind of Satan. It is the very tip of the iceberg that leads to other sexual immorality such as frequenting strip clubs, prostitution and human trafficking.

The good news is that Christ can free you from the addiction of pornography! He didn't create you to be enslaved by any fantasy, thought or addiction. You can escape this dark prison by submitting your life to Christ! He has redeemed you and saved you from your sins. Let Him take control of your life and you will be free, indeed! “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” —John 8:32
Pornography Facts

• The pornography industry is larger than the combined revenues of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and Apple. Driven by debased images this blackened smut, is a $1 billion industry in North America alone.

• 40 million adults in the United States regularly visit pornography Web sites.

• The United States is #1 in the number of pornographic websites it hosts. 244,000,000 pornographic websites (X-rated content) are hosted in the United States. Germany comes in a second place, with 10,000,000 websites.

• Every second, 30,000 people view pornography online.

• An estimated 50 percent of Christian men admit they're battling against the pull of pornography and over 30 percent of Christian women admit that they have intentionally accessed internet pornography.

• The average age of a child exposed to pornography is 9. Today, children as young as 10 use cell phones to send sexual images of themselves and others.

• The Justice Department estimates that nine of 10 children between the ages of 8 and 16 have been exposed to pornography online.

• The file-sharing program, Gnutella, has 116,000 daily child pornography requests.

• Dr. Patrick Carnes, a leading researcher on sex addiction, estimates that 3 to 6 percent of Americans are sexually addicted. That's as many as 20 million people.
Bible Verses on Adultery and Sexual Immorality
Pornography Help Links

If you are stuggling with Pornography, there is TONS of hope for you! God loves you SO much that He has died for you and wants to give you a NEW life full of holiness, love and mercy. The following websites are designed to help you in your walk with God:

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