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Communist America
America is Turning Communist
Digital art. Copyright © 2008 Robert Flores.
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About this Cartoon

With the appointment of the most pro-abortion president to the presidency ever, I thought it might be good to remind the American people that this great country that we live in is being destroyed from the inside out. Forget the terrorists, the wars overseas and other international policy—America is destroying itself.

• Mass killing of 50 million babies to date
• The removal of God in public places
• The removal of the Holy Bible in our schools
• The rabid homosexual agenda
• The socialization of this country
• Politicians who serve themselves
• Lazy Americans who watch TV and arent' informed
• Uninformed Christians who think "Republican" and "Democrat" are separate terms
• Inflation and the autonomy of the Federal Reserve to keep printing fiat money
• The outsourcing of American jobs and the importing of overseas goods

America needs to repent before God, or God will let us take our own course to destruction. The end.
American President Links

For all those Christians who vote Republican or Democrat, watch these videos and determine if our elected leaders really serve Jesus Christ:

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