Wide Open Road

by Robert Flores

Traveling the road with my friend

A road used by many a traveler

All the world laid before us

Scenery changes as we move forward

Not too slow

Not too fast

We don’t believe in shortcuts

We follow the rules of the road

There is no map

only God as our Guide

Our faith is in each other

because our faith is in Him

But it hasn’t always been easy

We’ve hit some bumps along our way

Rough weather and confusion, too

Somehow we’ve made it through all of the adversity

We’re best friends—something like a rarity

All too often extinct like brontosauruses

We make each other so happy by making each other so happy

Our love is so vast

like the cornfields that go on forever

Skeletons of past friendships are passed on the side of the road

They weren’t willing to work for it

But we are

I don’t fear what lies ahead

I know we can get through anything

In blistering heat, we cool each other

In frigid snow, we warm each other

The horizon line divides heaven and earth

that’s the path we’re traveling

We treasure where we have been together

Landscapes and memories are stored away in our hearts

The wind whips in our faces

and we smile at each other

Our very own world to explore

The sun rises

Long shadows are cast into the future

The wide open road spreads before us

And time disappears