by Robert Flores

Why am I even in the Kingdom of God?

Why did He even pick me?

Out of all my family

out of all my friends

out of all my co-workers



why did He choose me?

He could have chosen anyone

but why me?

what worth did He see in me


What value did He find in me?

The answer is none

No value

A sinner with no holiness,


or redemptive value

A sinner who did not love Him

who did not want His love


who blasphemed His Character

A sinner lost in the depths of darkness

One who was chained to the anchor of death

One who walked the roads of lust and depravity

A self-absorbed


unloveable man

That is who He saw

He saw a need and fulfilled it

He saw the desperation in my eyes

and moved mountains to be with me

He took my hand

He took my heart

He poured His love out for me on that tree

I’ve been exonerated of all offenses

Complete redemption is mine

and all exaltation is His

That dead body bought my life.

His poured out blood was my price

No one has ever loved me like this

He overflowed my cup

With thankful hands

I praise my Savior

my God and my King