When I Look Into Her Eyes

by Robert Flores

When I look into her eyes

everything is right and good

Her eyes saturate my heart with peace

The world and its problems are suddenly washed away

Her eyes offer me hope in time of need

God’s gift to me

Such joy in her eyes

How do I explain such beauty?

Her eyes are truth

Truth so deep it makes me want to comb the depths

“Is this real?” I ask

Doubts give way to reality

Her eyes radiate love

They understand me

even when I’m hard to understand

The way she looks at me

sets my heart ablaze with love

My fears dissipate like breath on glass

She gives me so much

It’s a mystery why she is not a beggar by now

Her eyes both destroy me and make me new


I am held captive by her gaze

Captivity has never been so wonderful

Her eyes have seen more than she cares to share

Days of desolation sometimes show through

and I feel her pain

Tragedies and tears that I wish never would have happened

But, perhaps

it is those tragedies that have made her eyes all the more beautiful

They appreciate the joys of life—

joys that seemed so elusive in years past

Her eyes frolic in the beauty they behold today

She looks to the future

Her gaze melts winter into spring

Flowers bloom in my heart

I never knew I could be so vulnerable

Scary sometimes

Do I let her in?

Her eyes reach into my being

and draw out my emotions

She sees. . .

and does not judge

Her eyes cherish me and love me for who I am—

the reassurance I need to keep looking