by Robert Flores

Think back on your life

Think of all the worst things you’ve ever done

I know you remember them

Everyone does

Those events

those sins

can never be erased by anything you do

Good works

going to church

reading the Bible

none of these things will erase your sins

Not even obeying traffic laws

or telling the truth on your tax forms

or handing money to homeless people

or giving gifts at Christmas time

will wipe away your sins

Notice I said sins


There is more than one

There’s not just one blotch on your life

there are several blotches on your life

You can’t escape

and you can’t hide

Your sin-list is always behind you

always available

to be brought out as evidence against you

for judgment

to fall

It’s horrible

your hands

your heart

your thoughts

are all unclean

You are a wretched sinner

and your conscience confirms it

Alcohol won’t erase it

Drugs won’t destroy it

No amount of money

or sex

or food

or cars

or technology

or relationships

Nor education

nor careers

nor accomplishments

can nullify the evil you have done in your life


your guilt is un-erasable

There is no cleaner nor detergent

that can cleanse the stains out of your heart

There is only ONE WAY that you can be made holy

I will let you in on the secret:

Jesus Christ


He is the only One

that can take away your guilt and shame

The only One

that can erase your sin-list


How does He have the power to do that?

It’s because He took on your sin-list at Calvary

He became sin for you

so you wouldn’t have to take the guilt

Sin has consequences

deadly consequences

He heaped all of those deadly consequences on himself

And you know what?

God didn’t have to do that, either

God did not have to prove to us how glorious He was by taking our sin

He did not have to suffer and die for us

He did not have to pardon us


the fact that He did

shows us

in actual, physical terms that we can relate to

how beautiful, holy, just and wonderfully gracious He really is

His glory should be worshiped for who He is

But, now, in addition to who He is

His actions should make us fall down in worship to Him

His beauty isn’t just in His character now

His beauty is in what He DID with His own hands

When we love someone, we seek to prove to them how much we love them

not just with words

but with our hands

God did just that for us

He showed us

through His hands

how much He loves us

Indeed, your cross is too heavy for you

The weight of which is unbearable

He took your cross

So you wouldn’t have to carry it anymore

Jesus took your debt

and has given you a new life

in Him

All you have to do is accept it

He took your punishment

He drank your poison

He took your bullet

The hammer fell on Him so it wouldn’t fall on you

Oh, God’s wrath was still released

it was just absorbed by Christ instead of by you

What a Savior!

Who has ever done something so great as that for you?

That is a love that is not to be spurned

A love to be embraced completely

To ignore that kind of love is to ignore it to your own detriment

He has lavished his love upon us

in every sense of the word

The least we can do is to love Him back

He has done so much for us

That should elicit response from us

We should be living for Him rather than for our own selfish and prideful gain

Even though he has taken the punishment of sin away from us


we still have a sin-nature we have to deal with

On this side of Christ, we hate sin

We don’t want to sin anymore

Christ helps us with that

He continually points us back to His cross

and to make us into the image of himself

To be made in His image is such a wonderful process

hurtful sometimes


in the end


His church

His Bride

will be the fulfillment

of His original intention

back from before the Garden of Eden

fully realized

For we will all be made in his image completely

If you turn to God

all these riches are yours

If this news doesn’t do something to your heart

if you don’t feel awestruck by his love

if you don’t fear Him

There is something seriously wrong with your heart

A heart that doesn’t want to respect that kind of love

there’s something life-threatening wrong

Sinfully wrong

To ignore that kind of love

is the definition of


People get locked up for that kind of

crazy behavior

Imagine winning the lottery

and never turning in your winning ticket

Imagine having a deadly cancer inside you

and never taking the cure from the doctor

Imagine seeing a precious jewel on the sidewalk

and never picking it up

It just boggles the mind

But that is what sin is

a mental insanity

that will one day take away

everything good in your life

No friends

No family

No things

No God

An existence without God is the end-result of sin

Don’t do that

God deserves all the laud


and honor

we can give Him

in spite of the sinful life we’ve lived

He wants us

not our religions

or our money

or our trivial prayers


He wants you to be free from sin and guilt

He wants the deepest part of you

your heart

to be remade in His image

the unerasable image of Christ