The Great Exchange

by Robert Flores

He was pierced and broken so I wouldn’t have to be

He was cast into outer darkness so I could see the light

He emptied himself so I could be filled

I could keep my life, yes,

even get a new one

because His life would be my ransom

Thorns pierced His head

so His sacrifice could pierce my thoughts

His heart was punctured

so my heart could understand

The Father turned His back on Him

so the Father wouldn’t have to turn His back on me

The scourges revealed Christ’s holiness

so God’s scourge wouldn’t reveal my filth

He bore His cross

so I wouldn’t bear my sin-debt

His wounds were a sacrifice to the Father

What High Priest ever offered up Himself to God?

Christ’s body was mangled for my transgressions

a price He didn’t have to pay

But He freely did pay it

His disfigured face made Him unknowable to the crowds

so my face could be made known to the Father

He became a nobody, trampled on,

so I could stand holy before His throne

My redemption was forged in the furnace of Calvary

He satisfied every requirement of the Law

because I was incapacitated to

Everything He did was for the Father

and for me

He grabbed hold of the Father’s holy hand

and my dirty hand

The Great Mediator

standing in the way of destruction

covering me from his wrath

protecting me

shielding me

with His own body

The smallest transgression within me condemns me

The Father’s holiness annihilates all uncleanness

Jesus knew this

That’s why he had to extract every last bit of sin out of me

by extracting every last bit of life out of of Himself

It’s a sacrifice too big to describe

Incomprehensible what He has given to us

But true