Resolute Gaze

by Robert Flores

His eyes were fixed on me

before I was even born

But when I was of age

I turned away from Him

Yet He never turned away from me

He determined not to let me go

My stubbornness to run from Him

was no match

for His stubbornness

in chasing after me

He pursued me with a passion

I had never seen

There was fire in His eyes

a burning, graceful fire


yet free

Where my feet stepped

He stepped

Every dark and lonely path I went down

He was there with me

One day, my foot slipped

and I fell down the

deep, dark chasm

He reached His hand toward mine

and broke my fall

I grabbed hold with all my might

He had my life in his hands

and then I knew

that He would never let me go

I looked up into His resolute gaze

His love penetrated my soul

The deepest core of me caught fire

and my heart was overthrown

He pulled me up and rescued me

I looked down

my hands were red with blood

not my own blood

it was from his hands

His feet, too were, bloody from the journey

“I saw you in the darkness running from me”, He said

“Though you lost sight of me, I never lost sight of you

“I pushed all obstacles out of my way to get to you.”

I fell upon His shoulder and wept

My Savior