Rejoicing in the Dark Hours

by Robert Flores

Why is it so hard

to rejoice in Jesus

in the hard times?




the miry pit

I must confess

that I don’t rejoice in Jesus


Here is the clincher

It is sin not to rejoice

in God’s gift of His Son

How can I let circumstances


when and how

I will rejoice in Christ Jesus?

Are trials and evil people

so powerful

as to take away

my joy in Jesus?

Jesus is so preciously beautiful

Oh, that I may see that

in day to day life

He is pure love and peace

How come I can’t experience that

during the hard times?

He is the unique Son of God

who created all things

How can circumstances take me away from appreciating Him

His heart is beyond beautiful and holy

His love is beyond anything

that we could sacrifice here on earth

He defines sacrifice

He defines grace and mercy

He upholds all things by the word of his power

His life-giving creativity defies description

It is because of Him that creation exists

but it is also because of Him

that I can clearly see His creation

I can see my Creator

I know my Creator

To know my Creator

is breathtaking

It surpasses all understanding

as to why

I have been graced with knowing Who created me

I have no confidence in the flesh

to praise Jesus in the tough times

but His Spirit does

I need to rely on His Spirit to worship Him

Rejoice in Christ Jesus?


even in the dark hours