Question Above All Questions

by Robert Flores

One Day

we all will stand before God

What will you say when He asks,

“Why should I accept you?”

What will you answer God in the Great Inquiry?

A naked soul before God is nothing to laugh at

We will all stand before Him

face to face

one Day

This is the meeting of all meetings

The test of all tests

This is the question above all questions:

“Why should I let you into my home?”

That is an honest question, a true question

A question that needs an honest, true answer

How you answer this question is of the utmost importance

There is no college exam on earth that can ever compare to this final

This question is the most important question you will ever answer

in all of eternity

It is an answer that should roll off your tongue

If you have to hem and haw at the answer,

you’re done

If you stutter or try to lie,

you’re done

The only answer to this question that bears any weight is:

“Jesus Christ’s Blood!”

If you cannot answer that to God Almighty,

you will fail

No other answer will will do

Any other answer besides,

“Jesus’ Christ’s Blood” is your grave

Any other phrase like, “My good deeds”

or “I’m a moral person”

is your eternal death

God has no vacancy for those who don’t value Jesus’ blood

He has no other solution to those who don’t want to lean on

and trust in His Son’s blood

Jesus’ blood is the only reason why you can get into God’s Home anyway

There is no sneaking through the back door

or slipping God a $20 bill

There is only one door and one way in

Without Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins

God could never accept your



raunchy soul

into His presence

This isn’t just a preference, either

Perfection is God’s very nature

He cannot accept anyone who is less than perfect

Holiness is God’s core

Anyone who is not holy can never attain to God’s Holy Home

God’s home

and God Himself

is free from any sin

It is free from any taintedness

Heaven is the definition of immaculateness

All who reside there will also exude that kind of holiness

Jesus’ blood is the only reason

why sinners even have a shot at getting into heaven


simply saying “Jesus’ Christ’s Blood”

and not believing it

is not going to work

God knows all things

He knows your heart

He knows if you believe that answer or not

What you answer that Day is what you already believed on earth

What you answer Him is what you already trusted on earth

Don’t get caught speechless on that Day

Don’t mention your morals or good deeds or that you were better than so-and-so

Answer the answer above all answers:

Jesus’ Blood

And if that answer will truly flow out of your heart

with tears of joy

make sure it flows out of you heart here on earth

His blood is the only foundation our lives

and heaven

will ever have