Outburst of Love

by Robert Flores

Concerns in my heart

Tough talk of reality

Happy times — until I brought this up

I didn’t really want to

but it was eating me up inside

Her past is colliding into my future

I have to be real with her

or it will only hurt us more later

We need to talk it out — now

She listens to me

I don’t want to break her fragile heart

Each word is chosen with the utmost care

Trying to hold on

Are we losing this friendship?

Fear in her eyes

Tears in my heart

All our good times vanishing away

Memories and laughter

being rolled up like a blanket

The world coming to an end

But our eyes are still embracing

And I keep talking

It’s not her fault

How can I judge her for circumstances beyond her control?

Desperation hits

Why is this happening, Lord?

The truth hurts sometimes

but does it have to hurt this much?

Destruction in the wake of reality

My heart being poured out

She’s taking it in and it’s burning her

I don’t want to lose her

Yet I cannot deny the past or its cruel bite

All seems lost

My words are finished

Silence looms

Survey the damage

She talks quietly, reflecting on what I have said

Her words barely leave her mouth

My heart leaps out

“I love you!” I declare

Shock rolls across her face

and mine

She says she loves me, too

I bury my head — not in shame

but in utter awe

I look up, into the windows of her soul, and say,

“I meant it”

She knows I meant it

The loss of our friendship?


The rekindling of it thanks to God

Birthpains lead to new life

The stormy seas of reality calmed by a higher truth

My love for her