No Answers

by Robert Flores

To be human is to not have all the answers

To be human is to question God

the One who holds all the answers

To be God is to not always give answers

To ask God questions is not sin

Only when the lust for answers

the turning of the answers into idols

does it become sin

When we don’t get our answers

and then use that as the impetus

to turn our back on God

that is when

the sin of the human heart is exposed

Men want omniscience

We want answers

When we don’t get our questions answered

or our god-like omniscience verified

we turn on God

Like a spoiled brat

a rabid dog

like a Judas

we turn on Him


Because we have a sense of entitlement

In our mind, we deserve to know

why the cancer

why the accident

why the unexpected death

Men desire to know

the purpose of their current pain

They want to know why the present suffering is happening

They get upset

that God doesn’t live inside Aladdin’s lamp

to take it all away

They can’t control God

They can’t put Him in a box

They can’t make Him relinquish the answers

To find out

why the poverty

why the miscarriage

why the divorce

It’s funny

men don’t question God when everything is going good

in fact, they don’t even talk to God when things are going well

it’s only when bad things happen

does the tidal wave of questions

crash upon the shore of God’s throne

Shall we receive good at the hand of God

and not receive evil?

and yet men still ask

why the famine

why the earthquake

why the sickness

We await His response

and receive none

So, men ignore Him

They ignore Him because He won’t do what they want Him to

He won’t bow to their wishes

But, if He did

He would cease to be God

If He acted only on behalf of what men wanted

men would be the higher authority

And, that is precisely what people want

They want to control and manipulate the Almighty

How sad

How pitiful

To use God only for what He can do for us

He is God and He has no obligations

to give us any reason

as to why He does anything

He doesn’t have to give us our next breath

or our beating hearts

He doesn’t even have to give us one more nanosecond on this earth

What He is obligated to give us is hell

We are rebels who have fought for His throne

and lost

and we deserve to be punished for our mutiny

But, instead,

all of His wrath has fallen on Christ

And yet you still want your answers

your long, sought-after answers

why the addiction

why the abuse

why the Holocaust

Did it ever occur to you that all your answers

can be found at the foot of the cross?

Did it ever occur to you that Jesus had questions, too?

“My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?”

Did it ever occur to you that your quest for answers

your quest for omniscience

is simply your quest for God?

God is our Father and He loves us

and most of the time

He withholds the answers from us

like a child

our finite minds cannot comprehend His answers

but if we seek His face

and follow His path

we will find that it leads to Calvary


the questions won’t end there

for, in fact, Calvary itself is puzzling

New questions are asked there:

Why did Christ have to be crushed rather than me?

How powerful was Christ’s blood to wash away all my sins?

Why did God love me so much?

Why did I deserve His grace and so many others are going to hell?

What can I ever do to repay Christ for what He has done for me?

Our unanswered questions are what we should be bringing to God

so we can get to know Him more

He knows we are frail

He knows our lack of understanding

That is why He uses these unanswered questions

these hard, painful moments in life

to draw us closer to Him

He wants to grow our faith

our trust

in Him

He uses the question marks

to pave the road

to Calvary

why the handicap

why the rape

why the war

can all be found

in two nail-pierced hands

We are called to live by faith, not by sight

not by answers

We are to follow Him in the light He has given us

Is what we know of God

good enough to keep following Him?

God may seem enigmatic at times

But who He is was never seen more clearly than on the cross

That is God in His most shining glory

pouring out His heart,


and life

for the world to see

Calvary was one big: “Here I am!” statement

What are you going to do with that?

Jesus has shown us all He is

He has kept nothing back in showing us His heart

He exposed His love to us

What other questions are there, really?

Our Creator has revealed Himself to us in real time and space

Are unanswered questions

no matter how important they are

so essential in keeping you from the Almighty?

He showed us everything inside Him on that cross

What unanswered question could possibly keep you

from turning to God

in your darkest hour?