Love Is...

by Robert Flores

Love is selfless



Love is innocent

Love is truth

Love is absolute

Love is free

without borders

without restrictions

Love exists because God exists

Love desires God’s will for the other person

Love is the pointing out of wrongs

to make the other person a better person

Love is worshiping God together

Love is forgiveness

Love is a stubbornness to keep moving forward

Love is a deliberate choice

Love is to see the other person excited



Love does not exist in one gear

Love drops everything to attend to the other person

Love is a balance of wanting and needing the other person

Love reminisces about the past

and dreams about the future

Love always keeps the other person in their heart

and takes them wherever they go

Love is reality

a blessing

the adventure of a lifetime

Love is not something that is here today and gone tomorrow

Love is enduring

It’s eternal

Love is the union of mind, spirit and bodies into one

Love does not follow the path of least resistance

It goes the extra mile

Love is that missing puzzle piece in your heart

Love is discovering God’s world together

Laughing together

Crying together

Love waits for the other

and teaches the other

Love builds up and grows up the other person

Love is a concerted effort

Love is worth fighting for

Love is a covenant to love the other person unconditionally

Love is taking a wrong someone did to you

and giving it up to Jesus

Love knows when to hold tight

and when to give space

Love is full of surprises



Love is willing to die for the other person

but, even more than that

love is willing to live a life of love for the other person

It’s God’s example of love that has taught me how to love

And that is the love I have for you