Little Sins

by Robert Flores

It’s a dangerous thing to keep on sinning

Because eventually you don’t see any light

on either end of the tunnel

You begin to hate God for the life that “He’s given you”

Sin has made you so used to its unsatisfying pleasures

that you have forgotten what it even means

to be fulfilled

Sin has taken all the joy out of your life

It has ripped the soul out of your body

and has replaced it with addictions and lusts

You are a shell of your former self

And, it all started with a little sin

And that sin lead to another, bigger sin

So on and so forth until


you look around

and all of life

seems like a fog

You cry out to your friends for help

No answer

You scream for your family’s help

but only your voice echoes back

You have pushed everyone away

Your wallet contains no money

You would walk home if you had one

but you don’t

You aren’t welcome anywhere

you are a disgrace to humanity

a living representation of sin

You blend in with the shadows

as strangers pass you by

Days, months, years—it’s all the same

This is what eternity feels like

Oh, if only you could go back

those were the days that you could breathe

and enjoy God’s creation

Those were the days filled with laughter and joy

Friends and family surrounded you

Those were the days before the vaccuum of depravity

sucked you down into its depths

Now you spend your days with the absence of light

The sights and smells of yesterday are but memories

You seek a reprieve from the loneliness

and find none

Freedom used to be so enamoring

What you wouldn’t give for some boundaries at this point

You never realized that

sin only takes from you

and never replenishes

Sin has no tangible value

Nothing good ever comes from it

Guilt and shame are its fruits

Cry out to God

He will help you

His light will shine into your life

He will expel the darkness

and crush the idols

He will extract the cancer

from your soul

all the former tastes of these little sins

will be but bitterness

so you can once again

taste and see the goodness of God