Justice Is Coming

by Robert Flores


Irrevocably defiant

It will seek out and deliver

for every man, woman and child

Not too severe

or too lenient

It be perfectly applied

and executed


It’s what we want for others

but not for ourselves

No one ever begs God,

“Give me justice for my sins!”


Because justice from God

is a horrific thought for sinners

Being held accountable for my actions

is a detestable proposition


sin deserves justice

It serves punishment

No one will squirm away on that Day

No one is going to hide in the back row

No one is going to not show up

It’s not a jury summons

God’s justice is inevitable

It is resolute


it needs to be released

His patience and lovingkindess

has kept it from us for so long

But make no mistake

It is coming

Sin just can’t be allowed to run free

It needs to be reigned in


and destroyed

Sin liberated only leads to death

As opposed to what some may believe,

God didn’t create this world just to destroy it

He created this world with life

extravagant life

overflowing with measure

We destroyed this world with our sin

it is our fault that this world is messed up


God has a remedy for this sin-laden world


It will bring this world back under submission to God

Sin’s heyday is coming to an end

The sun is rising on justice

a final justice

a justice that will end all other justices

all other judgments will pale in comparison

to the Day of Judgment

Justice is the hope we have that will set the world free

Justice is the cure to the dark hearts of man

The cure for all injustices is coming

The pandemic is ending

The Hammer has arrived

Thank God

Because it will smash all sin inside man

And all sin outside him

I hope you will survive that Day

so we can praise God’s fairness


and grace

for all eternity