Jesus' Blood

by Robert Flores

How holy

does Jesus’ blood have to be

to wipe away

all my sins

how precious

how pure

how infinitely good it is

His blood has to be beyond anything

we consider pure and holy

it has to be the nature of God Himself

it has to be able to be completely devoid of sin

not even a hint of sin

or rebellion

Jesus’ own blood has to be

holy, holy, holy


because I know that I am a sinner

I know the depths of depravity

of my heart

for Jesus’ blood to erase my sins

it has to have power behind it

it has to be able to absorb the judgment

that I’ve incurred for myself

it has to be able to wipe my slate clean

not an easy task

as sin has marred its grooves into my heart

Only one person

only one God

can do this

the God who died

and shed his pure blood

freely for my sake