How Did This Happen?

by Robert Flores

How did this happen?

How were you able to break through to me?

When we first met, I thought we were meant to be just friends


God had bigger plans for us

Was it your compassion?

Your humor?

Your love for God?

Whatever it was

you were just being yourself

and I loved that!

It was like seeing a dream unfold

before my very eyes

Unable to contain our feelings

we both opened up

We shared secrets

We admitted our failures and fears

We dreamed of the future

We grew

We fell

We grew some more

Love saturated every moment together

It’s astounding to be inside of a story so miraculous

But why should I be surprised?

God is the One writing this story

We can put our very lives in His able hands

I couldn’t have written a better love story than the one I’m in

I always said that I wanted a beautiful,

godly woman who wasn’t corrupted

by either her beauty or her godliness

And you are right here in front of me