God's Unwavering Grace

by Robert Flores

How does God’s grace blow me away

over and over and over again?

It’s not like the dark trials ever end

there’s always a new torture to endure

a new cross to bear

a new hellish experience to be thrown into

but through it all

when I had lost all control

and all my hope had dissipated

God’s grace got me through

and breathed new life into me

Completely helpless and hopeless

Our difficulties increased

We fought just to see daylight

Just to witness

More troubles on the horizon

Gasping for air

when would this nightmare ever end?

Struggles and tears consumed our hours

Chaos and fears filled our hearts

These were the days

we thought we’d never get through

Like a storm on the shore

Anguish pounded on our souls

With no where else to turn

All we could do was fall to our knees

and look up

One day, ex nihilo

A glimmer of light

A single piece fell into place

Then another

and another

Like a gentle sprinkle from heaven

solutions presented themselves

answers were like a cup of cool water

we could see faint resolutions coming into focus

Resolutions that we so desperately needed

The trials were still here

But He was beginning


to reveal His mighty hand

Grace within the chaos

Now we look behind us

at the smoldering ruins

joyful that the ordeal has ended

With thankful hearts

and peace in our souls

We are happy to be on this side

God walked us through it

He never left us alone or abandoned us

His faithfulness is beyond words

His grace has no ending

It cannot be stopped

No circumstances can redirect it

or hinder it

or dismiss it

All the forces of evil

cannot impede it in any way

His grace is not frustrated by any of life’s circumstances

He pushes forward and reveals His grace at will

even in the darkest of dungeons

His is a grace that is powerful and loving

His is a grace that is unwavering and doesn’t flinch

It reaches down to undeserved sinners like you and me

A God this grace-giving should not be reckoned with

Once again, by fiat command

The sun is shining on our faces

He has granted us a renewed joy

We are unworthy to have such a gift as this

He has destroyed all facts and figures

He defies man’s statistics and logic

The face of grace

Right here in my arms

looking back at me

all things working together for good

to them that love God

How does His grace work?

It’s not like our circumstances should have ended because

we are good, moral people

or because we go to church

or give to charity

it’s not that God “owes us one”

it’s not even because everything just “works its way out in the end”

Here is the reason that we can get through our trials:


Only Him

Only His strength

Only His power

It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed

because his compassions fail not

His grace on the undeserved

His mercy on the unmerciful

His love on the unloveable

Freely given

and freely received

not just in everyday circumstances

but in the circumstances that we thought

we would never see a solution to

It’s an exciting read — this novel that God is writing

sometimes it’s a horror story

sometimes it’s a love story

It’s unknown how the course of our lives will end

We don’t even know what chapter we’re in

but we know the Immutable Author

and we know that the lines He is writing right now

will be for the betterment of us

and the showcase for His glory

for all eternity