Beware of Wolves — A Graphical Epistle of Jude

A Christian Comic

Drawing of Dallas sitting on her couch, listening to a false preacher. Inspired by the Epistle of Jude.
Digital PDF. Copyright © 2001, 2017 Robert Flores.
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A young woman seeks to discern truth from falsehood, while watching a TV preacher.

Bible Verse

“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.” — Psalm 119:37

Background Information

Jude was James’ brother and we don’t know too much more about him than that. It seems that he wrote this epistle to the churches of Asia Minor in A.D.80(?) Scholars place Jude after Peter's death, but before the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70. 2 Peter and Jude contain many striking similarities. Refuting the apostacies seems to be Jude’s reason for writing this epistle, as he draws upon many historical Old Testament examples to support his thesis. The letter is Jewish in tone and contains many Old Testament references, and at least two Apocryphal references.