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Stripped Clean -- A Proposed Comic Tract
Stripped Clean -- A Proposed Comic Tract written by Robert Flores. 8 pages, full color, saddle-stitched. Meant to evangelize at-risk young women entering into the pornography/sex slave/strip club industry.

Read and Download the PDF version here.
A Proposal to Protect Women
There is a dark evil that is in every city and it has to do with the exploitation of women as sexual objects. This evil is seen as “no big deal” to the rest of the world, and sadly, just ignored by the Church. The evil that I speak of is strip clubs.

Strip clubs are rampant in most major cities. Men (and even some women) frequent these strip clubs and it is seen as harmless entertainment. Pornography and strip clubs are basically the same thing. And yet, both are tolerated in our society under “free speech” and “no big deal” and “entertainment”.

From the pages of Victoria’s Secret or Playboy, to the sexually explicit TV shows and movies, women’s bodies are being exploited as entertainment. The sale of a woman’s body is not entertainment. The exploitation of young women, as objects of lust, is not entertainment. The crushing of a woman’s spirit and the humiliation that goes with that is not entertainment.

The sad fact of the matter is that many young women get involved in stripping just to make ends meet. It’s a paycheck, but the temptation to “move up the ladder” in this industry is ever present: the more you clothes you take off, the more you get paid. And, unfortunately, women make the decision to do that everyday.

This 8-page comic-tract is about one young woman’s story as to how she got involved in stripping, and how Jesus got her out of it. How can Jesus save someone caught in such a deep, dark pit? How can Jesus reach someone who hasn’t felt loved by anyone in years? How can Jesus cut through what others see and touch that lonely heart for Him? The fact is, He is God. He can do anything. Jesus can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. That is the beauty of this story.

I envision this “Stripped Clean” tract being given out in the parking lots of strip clubs, adult bookstores, womens’ groups, adult conventions, prostitutes, street corners, college campuses, Skid Row and more. This tract is written to speak to young women to: a) warn them of a lifestyle that leads to death, and b) if they are already in that lifestyle, to show them that Jesus offers them the way out. This tract, also can speak to young men, by showing them that women are more than just objects of lust, and that women should be treated with so much more dignity than what is normally afforded them.

Though not a typical story I would normally write, I feel such a burden for women stuck in this kind of lifestyle. It’s really an addiction to the debasing of one’s soul. This tract is unique in that it addresses one of those areas in society that is rarely addressed by the Church. I believe this tract could make a huge difference in the lives of women and men.

The purpose of this letter is threefold:
1. to gauge any support for this tract to be published (i.e. financial support, printing support, prayer, etc.)
2. to gauge any distribution support for this tract (i.e. ministries, churches, youth groups)
3. to find an artist with a more realistic style to draw the artwork (i.e. a strong Christian artist who will not be tempted while drawing this artwork and who believes in reaching this target audience and who is willing to do the 7 pages of artwork for free).

Please prayerfully consider any of the above.

God bless,
Robert Flores
P.O. Box 534
Corona, CA 92878
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