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Behind Closed Doors -- A Proposed Comic Tract
Behind Closed Doors -- A Proposed Comic Tract written by Robert Flores. 8 pages, full color, saddle-stitched. Meant to evangelize men who are enslaved by pornography.

Read and Download the PDF version here.
A Proposal To Attack Pornography
The pornography industry is one of the most influential factors in the breakdown of the family today, as well as the enslavement of millions of men. Over 40 million Americans regularly visit pornographic websites. This evil isn’t confined to the secular world, however. 1 out of every 2 Christian men are addicted to pornography. How many divorces are occurring because of pornography? How many broken homes? How many wives have been destroyed because of this evil industry? This comic-tract addresses these questions.

Whereas, most of the Church is silent on this matter, it is the responsibility for all Christians to expose the evils of Satan wherever we find it; and the pornography industry is one of his best tools in making men irrelevant as fathers, irrelevant as husbands and irrelevant for Christ.

Can Jesus reach a man who is so engulfed in this evil? Can a man turn from his lust of women to a love of Christ? Can a man choose to follow Christ and be a real man?

This story is written to show how one man’s addiction has affected his whole family. His “secret sin”, as Jesus will show him, has totally destroyed his family.

This “Behind Closed Doors” tract doesn’t glorify the evils of pornography, but it also doesn’t shy away from describing what it really is and the effects of it. Men desire to be free from this addiction, but they don’t know how. Trusting Jesus to break the chains is the answer to any prison that men make for themselves.

I envision this “Behind Closed Doors” tract being given out in the parking lots in front of adult bookstores, street corners, men’s Bible studies, youth groups, college campuses, and more. This tract is written to speak to young men to: a) warn them of the eternal dangers of pornography and b) if they are already addicted to pornography, to tell them that Jesus is the only way out. This tract hits on the big sin that most Christians are afraid to admit: lust.

This project I think, would hit the proposed target audience better if drawn in a more realistic artistic style. This 24-page tract, admittedly, is larger than most pocket-sized tracts, but ample room was needed to deal with the emotional and spiritual impacts of this seemingly innocent entertainment the world calls “pornography”.

I really feel strongly about this anti-pornography tract. This subject matter isn’t normally the kind of story that I would write, but I do believe that God has led me to write this story for a reason—to break the chains of lust off of the hearts of men.
1. to gauge any support for this tract to be published (i.e. financial support, printing support, prayer, etc.)
2. to gauge any distribution support for this tract (i.e. ministries, churches, youth groups) and
3. to find an artist with a more realistic style to draw the artwork (i.e. a strong Christian artist who will not be tempted while drawing this artwork and who believes in reaching this target audience and who is willing to do the 22 pages of artwork for free).

Please prayerfully consider any of the above.

God bless,
Robert Flores
P.O. Box 534
Corona, CA 92878
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